Relaxation and Peace

Relaxation and  Peace
Peace and Quiet means Boat Ride

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Unit 9

Writing and research on this subject of diabetes and obesity has enhanced my knowledge about the disease. Their is more than I even imagined about the disease.During the research, and my assignments from the other class has made my tired and worn out. I would mention the great crash of my computer, which elevated my blood pressure. I feel  more at ease now when I have to write. However, writing has always been a struggle for me. I feel more confident in the subject now. I most exciting event that has happened during this course is my understanding of APA. I am not as nervous  as before when I have to us APA format. The information shared in this class has help me with the use of APA format among other writing skills.
Well, we at the end of another course. Composition II has really been challenging. The writing process has a lot of information. During this course I have learn stategies and skills that will accompany me through the personal life as well as my professional life. APA has been something that I truly did not understand and became very confused and uncomfortable with. This course has givenme the tools and information to help in me in APA. Now I don't feel as nervous when I have to use the APA format. The information that was given in this course will assiste anyone in learning the APA format. Thank you professor you have truly helped me get over that hurdle.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Keeping It Positive

By tapping into our potential, we find unlimited wisdom, courage, hope, confidence, compassion, vitality and endurance. Instead of avoiding or fearing our problems, we learn to confront  them with joyful vigor, confident in outr ability to surmount whatever life throws in our path.

                                              From the Winning Life-World Tribune Press

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Problems Keep On Trucking

I wish I was relaxing in this beautiful garden!
Well ,this week has been extremely difficult for me.  It all started when my computer caught a virus and shut down. This episode really placed me in a position that I had no desire to be in.. That is only one incident however, various events took place this week. I have to keep on trying. I know that I can't quite. So, here I am struggling to keep my head above water! I will hae to pray about my situation and have faith that I will have the strength and endurance to keep on trucking. I know that when you think positive ususally positive things will happen. Winners never quit and quitters never win!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Unit 6 Outline

Hello everyone: Finally, this is my outline after a lot of revisions.

Thesis Statement: Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of adults and children daily. There are various health issues that cause diabetes, commonly known as diabetes type one and type two. Diabetes is a life threatening and life altering diseases.

I. Diabetes a diseases

A. Type one

B. Type two

II. Insulin converts

a. sugar and other foods

b. lack of insulin

c. too much insulin

III. H earth issues

a. obesity

b. heredity

c. age

d. exercise

e. diet

IV. Treatments

A. keep ing blood sugar levels

B. healthy eating

C. physical activity

D. levels of glucose monitoring

V. Conclusion

A. Treatment but no cure

B. Serious changes in life style

Well, I have crossed another bridge. Sometimes it is hard to do but you have to keep on going until you get over the bridge.The universe totally supports us in every thought we choose to think and believe.