Relaxation and Peace

Relaxation and  Peace
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unit 5 Blog Assignment

I am a visual learner and the pre-writing technique I like to use are brainstorming and clustering. th topic is diabetes. My focus is overweight and diagnosis. A large number of people being diagnosed as a diabetic are overweight or obesest. Are so many diagnosis' of diabetes prescribed to assist the medicine companies to increase finance?
Brainstorming-Obesity, health eating, regular excersise, prevention
Clustering weight- are they obese? daily living , health diet? exercise -normal or none?

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  1. Norma,I believe this to be an important topic for people to know about. Of the two techinques you speak of,brainstorming and clustering, which do you feel benefits your style the most? I have not tried either one of them but brainstorming is similar to freewriting but you just use short ideas and not sentences. I have tried freewriting and feel that it complicates things for me. Freewriting in a diary about my day is good because I let go of my day as I write about it. I do not want to let go of the ideas that I am trying to come up with for my paper so I decided to go with informal outline. It seems to put things in order for me.